Erin Kinnealy, a member of the Nicheliving HALL NRS Team, is pinching herself as a newcomer to the sport as she prepares for the National Road Series’ King Valley tour in Victoria in August.

The 30-year-old will be hoping for a successful result with team mates Melissa Robinson, Katie Joyce, Annie Bramley and Liz Leydon. Her presence is something of a surprise given that she has only been cycling for ten months with a handful of road races under her belt.

Kinnealy, from Hamilton in South West Victoria, made the move to Busselton 2 years ago to get a start in the resource sector. “I started cycling because Iluka Resources had nominated a team for the Conquer Cancer Fundraiser ride in October last year” she says, “I strolled into a bike shop and purchased a level entry aluminium road bike, which I’m still riding”.

Erin is thankful for the Busselton Cycling Club for introducing her to group rides “I read an article in the local paper stating that Busselton Cycling Club was conducting beginner group rides on Sunday mornings, so my partner and I just rocked up and away I went – I caught ‘the bug'”.

Cycling became a real passion for Erin after she watched the Women’s Road Race during the Tour of Margaret River in November. “I remember thinking, that’s me next year, I want to be there and I want to ride in a team”.

“I’m also very thankful for the South West Cycling Club, they introduced me to racing at a club level, the members are so passionate and welcoming, it’s hard not to get caught up in it all”

From a young age, Erin was always involved in competitive sports through netball and equestrian, which has served her well in the cycling scene. “I just love the rawness of cycling, what you put in is what you get out and to be given the opportunity to compete at a national level, well that’s just the icing on the cake”.

Over the next 6 weeks Erin’s training program, through Hall Cycle Training, will be focusing on building strength.

Erin hopes her story inspires more women to take up cycling, whether it’s for leisure or competitive racing, “Cycling, as an activity, is a very sustainable sport and it appeals to everyone, from all walks of life – the highlight for me are the people I meet and their inspiring stories.”

The Sam Miranda Tour of the King Valley is on 20 – 24 August and more information can be found here