SWCC aims to provide junior cyclists with appropriate development opportunities to assist with furthering their cycling skills and performance and their enjoyment of the sport.  The club conducts a range of events, training sessions, skills development, junior camps and other activities to support junior riders to get the most out of their cycling.

Please send us an email if you wish to find out more about junior development opportunities.

We also support all our juniors with half price club clothing.

Following is a link to the CA Junior Cycling Policy

Links to other useful documents:

Guardians in events

Guidelines for Juniors taking part in SWCC Group Rides

Gear Restrictions

Gear restrictions apply to all junior cyclists in events conducted under Cycling Australia regulations on the road and track and all junior riders riding with the SWCC are strongly encouraged to adhere to these gear restrictions to prevent injuries and to develop an efficient pedalling technique.

The restrictions referred to is the distance one revolution of the crank arm will propel the bicycle, this is known as the ‘roll out’.

Junior Gearing

Junior Roll Out

Training rides for our Junior Cyclists

Our junior cyclists are supported in their development through the provision of  regular rides and advice by club coaches.  This may include provision of training programs, opportunity to attend education sessions, junior development camps and development days.

The club provides support for junior athletes to attend National and International Championships and any prospective juniors are encouraged to apply in writing to the committee for consideration.  Support will only be provided once every 12 months.  The committee will make a decision on the level of support based on a range of factors.