South West Cycle Club Inc.

ABN: 57 858 350 887

Annual General Meeting Minutes

Sunday Nov 22/11/2020

Venue: Dardanup Village Green Time: 9.05am

Present: Robbie Commons, Iain Ferry, James Shepherd, Laurie Wilson, Mick Darlington, Lowen Ferry, John Hanczakowski, Suzanne Light, Felicity Miller, Jo Moore, Martin Hynes, Peter Frawley, Glen Turvey, Mike Morton, Dan Hall, Martin Howes, Mike Dujinhoven, Tim Mace

Welcome: President welcomed and thanked all for coming

Apologies: Bradley Linfield, Kevin Kealey

Acceptance of Previous minutes.

Minutes of 2019 AGM Dated Sunday 24/11/2019 (as available on SWCC website)
Motion: Minutes of 2019/20 be adopted Moved by: R Commons Seconded: Iain Ferry

Presidents Report

Acknowledgment and thanks to all committee members. Special mention was made to John Hanczakowski and ride leaders.

Challenging year for new committee and managing through covid requirements and then uncertainty regards Cycling Australia closing and Auscycling taking the lead Australia wide for all cycling disciplines.

Pemberton classic didn’t happen this year but is planned for 2021 March long week end.

Tributes expressed for club life member Brian Kennedy who passed away in October.

SWCC has decided to affiliate with AusCycling as main registered organisation but also to maintain as a secondary affiliation to also register with Westcycle.

Thank you to Iain Ferry for driving the selection and organisation of new club kit which was well supported by club members.

Treasurers Report

Treasurer’s report has been posted to SWCC web page. Main items included.

Club support for club teams in TOMR and ongoing support for junior cycling.

Membership is approximately 200 but currently only 150 are financial.

Treasurer made mention that if the club wanted to support a major event then it would need to develop a means for additional financial support via grant applications.

Club is in a sound financial situation with a slight increase in funds available from last financial year. 2018/19 total was $26,891 and 2019/2020 was $27,456.

SWCC is retaining Pemberton cycle club monies in trust amounting to $2,200.

SWCC also has an investment account of $20,000

Treasurer thanked Iain Ferry for assistance in clearing out old club clothing as this was causing a financial strain on the club. The club is no longer holding club kit as it can now be ordered as demand requires.

Election of office bearers

Nominations were called to fill all committee positions

President: Robbie Commons proposed Iain Ferry, seconded James Shepherd

Vice president: Iain ferry self-nominated seconded Robbie Commons

Treasurer: Laurie Wilson self-nominated seconded Iain Ferry

Secretary: Tim Mace self-nominated seconded Felicity Miller

General Members: Bradley Linfield, Mick Darlington, Lowen Ferry and James Shepherd all self-nominated for committee member positions and were duly accepted.

Nominated of signatories to club bank accounts

Any two to sign: – Bankwest 306-004 4153328 + linked fixed term deposit account

2019/2020 Signatories: President Robbie Commons, Treasurer Laurie Wilson and Secretary Tim Mace

2020/2021 Signatories: President Robbie Commons, Treasurer Laurie Wilson and Secretary Tim Mace

Appointment of auditor
Meeting voiced that it was not necessary to do formal audit for 2019/2020 particularly due to lower number of transactions than normal due to Covid limitations.


Secretary stated no correspondence was received.

General Business

Iain Ferry thanked efforts of committee, John Hanczakowski and ride leaders in managing additional requirements through covid limitations. Iain sees an opportunity for the SWCC to grow its base now that AusCycling allows for linking of memberships across bike disciplines as well as bike clubs. Suggested committee form a sub-committee to develop the idea within the club in particularly for SWCC members who are already interested in mountain biking and cyclocross (gravel) riding. No motion put forward but general idea was acknowledged. Iain Ferry to progress.

Tim Mace suggested there was also a need for a sub-committee for organising more social rides for its recreational members. No motion put but general acknowledgement given. Tim Mace to progress.

Lowen Ferry requested that more promotion of social club rides via social media postings would be well received and sought more material to post from the recreational riders.

AGM declared closed at 9.30am

Tim Mace
Club Secretary