SWCC Rider Profile

Name: Iain Ferry

Nickname: Owing to Vegetarian tendencies and Horticultural habits,  Bunbury Drillers teammates came up with ‘Organic Driller’.

Bike:  Variously, a 1980’s single speed steel Ricardo, an 11 year old Specialized Cyclocross, a Felt TT bike and a 2014 Giant TCR. Riding bikes is more than just speed…

Years riding:  Having previously run, rowed, climbed and kicked through various sporting endeavours, Knee Surgeon enquired ‘Any chance you can take up cycling?’. That was about 6 years ago, but only started properly training for racing this year.

Km per week:  350 -450k

Type of rider:  Classic MAMIL (Middle Aged Man Inappropriate Lycra)- rank novice, learning as he goes. No doubt will Domestique for younger, faster legs…

Why do you ride:  #1- Mental health. Time with friends, family and in solitude. Physical health is an enjoyable side benefit.

Do you have a goal in 2016:  Go hard until my teenage son passes me, then desperately cling to his wheel for as long as I can…