Jaiden Lanigan is off to the Netherlands at the end of May as part of the Australian Speed Team to compete in the Inline Speed Skating World Championships.

Jaiden had a very successful National Championships in January this year earning 5 gold, 4 silver and 5 bronze medals throughout the indoor and outdoor championships.

He also brought home 2 gold and 1 silver medals from Oceania Championships in New Zealand at Easter, racing his first time as a senior.

Jaiden is dedicated to his sport and has competed at 10 National Championships around Australia, 4 Oceania Championships, 2 international marathons in China, 4 Namwon Championships in South Korea and 3 World Championships (Argentina, Taiwan and China) as a junior. He also volunteers his time at his local Speed Skating Club as the coach and has been acknowledged by many as being an excellent role model for his sport. Unfortunately Speed Skating is not an Olympic Sport (although it has been included in the junior Olympics) and therefore does not qualify for funding or scholarships such as SWAS, WAIS or AIS. In-Line Speed Skating is a fast and furious sport very popular and highly competitive in Asia, Europe and South America but has a low profile in Australia, requiring Jaiden to travel to compete and maintain his passion for the sport. All his costs have been and continue to be self and family funded.

Jaiden Lanigan has been a member of the SWCC from around the age of 10. Although he is a committed in-line speed skater he cross trains with the SWCC doing group rides and occasionally competing such as in the Tour of Margaret River, Collie- Donnybrook and the Tom Lowry events and appreciates the training partners and camaraderie provided by club members. He is also a cycle skills coach. The costs of this world championships in Netherlands are very high and Jaiden is currently studying, training as an elite athlete and working part time at Merchants Café in Eaton without any funding or financial support as an Australian team member selected to represent his country. So if anyone would like to know more, please look at the Australian Sports Foundation page which allows athletes to post their profile in the hope of attracting tax deductible donations  https://asf.org.au/athletes/jaiden-lanigan

The Lanigans also fund his brother Bryce to follow his sporting dreams so any contacts, support and helping to raise funds and the profiles of their respective sports of speed skating and road cycling is greatly appreciated and hopefully will enhance these sports so other juniors can reap the benefits of a healthy, active, passionate life style. Sport brings incredible opportunities and develops enormous resilience and life skills way beyond any medal tally or podium photo. Both boys are widely travelled and have a great respect for their bodies, for competition and for opportunities created by others. Sport is a great family investment- never a sacrifice!