There are a number of teams within the SWCC that compete against each other in our club and combined club events.  Listed below are the team captains and the team kit they have registered to ride in at club and interclub events.

We are also currently working on a handicapping system for club and interclub events.

SWCC Club Teams:

BDC Drillers Team

Eaton Home Hardware Dogs

Team Manji Crew


Today we Race 

At State events it is great to see SWCC riders team up and join forces in their club kit.  The club is looking to support riders who are committed to the SWCC and it’s values and who wish to take their racing to the next level.

We have formed a SWCC Racing Team to tackle a number of state races including the Collie Donnybrook, Pinjarra Classic and State Road championships with longer term goals like competing in events further afield.  Follow us on Facebook.

If you are keen to take your racing to the next level and would be interested in being part of this exciting new initiative please let us know via the admin mailbox or have a chat to someone on the committee. We are targeting riders who are second year under 17 and older but it is definitely not restricted to youth/junior riders and would love to see some of our talented Masters riders pushing the pace and mentoring our up and coming talent in the new super cool SWCC Racing kit that has been developed to complement the regular club kit.

We have also had interest from some sponsors and will be looking to develop more partnerships and increase the support we can therefore provide team members. Please let us know if you want to be associated with this exciting new initiative.

Current supporters include  Bindi Nutrition and Erik from Crank’n’Cycles is offering all club members a Kask Mojito club colours helmet for $200 or $190 for members of the race team!!