To all those current and potential members out there, Bryce Lanigan, 15, has set the wheels in motion to create a Wheeled Sports Facility for the SW region to provide  a hub for wheeled sports and recreation, develop a vehicle free space for Wheeled Sport events and training and a create a home for the SWCC (the 2nd largest cycle club in the state) and the Bunbury Speed Skating Club. Bryce and his family have been involved in wheeled sports for many years, and have been long term members of the SWCC.  Visit and to hear Bryce’s TEDx talk about his vision and his journey.

Bryce’s project is motivated by his love of the sport and giving back to the community that supports him,. He has identified that many other sports in our region have facilities but that wheeled sports and recreational activities do not. Through his travels he has experienced many fantastic facilities in other parts of Australia and internationally. His brother Jaiden is a passionate Speed Skater and has also reaped many benefits from being part of both clubs and thriving through these wheeled sports, including being given the opportunity to represent Australia at a world level. Bryce is committed to making his vision a reality and has wide support for his proposal. Being a member of the SWCC , rather than just enjoying all they have to offer, will support Bryce’s project in the next phase, which will include applying for grants, sponsorship and crowd funding. The bigger and stronger the club, the better! Please do not hesitate to contact Bryce on for further details or speak to him after club rides or club events.