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Renewing members who don’t know their current login and password, simply need to email and your login details will be advised by return email.

If you have any difficulties with the online system please contact CA directly on 02 9339 5800 or email

Alternatively if the online system is not working for you, you can download a  Membership Application form hand in to committee member and pay via cheque, cash or complete an EFT into club account.  Please note that CA charge an extra $5 administrative fee for hardcopy forms, so please add this to your payment.

South West Cycle Club requests that by the third ride with the club on a club sanctioned ride (refer to list of rides on the group ride page) that you join up.  By doing so you are showing support for the structured club rides the club has organised including ride leaders for each group that are rewarded with free coffee and club sponsored long rides.  As a member you are also agreeing to adhere to the club’s ride etiquette.

As a member you will receive a regular club newsletter promoting a range of activities the club supports.

We encourage everyone to take out personal accident cover insurance which may be through a Cycling Australia membership with SWCC or another club or via membership with a range of other bodies e.g.


Triathlon WA

Cycling Australia

Mountain Bike Australia

If you have membership through one of these bodies already you can simply join South West Cycle Club as a Social Member or Associate Member. See the link at the top of this page.  There are options for individuals and families.

Alternatively if you do not have insurance through an existing membership, you are encouraged to either take out a SWCC Silver or Gold membership through Cycling Australia as per the details and link below.  This covers your club membership as well as your insurance.

The type of membership depends on what your personal objectives are.

Cycling Australia Membership Categories:

1.  Racing (Gold Membership)

Racing Membership is a calendar year membership (1/1 – 31/12) with discounted memberships available after June.

Membership is aged based and is a full competitive membership that entitles participation in all forms of racing conducted by CA and its affiliated States and Clubs.

If you wish to have a go at racing, this is the licence to get, particularly given there are often no day licensesavailable at state events .

The cost varies according to your age.

2.  Recreational / Cycling for all (Silver Membership)

This membership category is renewed on a quarterly rolling basis. This provides four renewal points each year – 31 March, 30 June, 30 September and 31 December – for anyone who joins during the respective preceding quarter.

Cycling for all entitles members to fully insured participation in recreational and charity fun rides, club training & coffee crew rides, grand fondo style rides and club skill development & introduction to cycling activities.  Examples include the Lighthouse to Lighthouse event, Ferguson Valley Cycle Challenge etc.