With a few people still on holidays there was a good turn out for the first midweek TT of 2016 but unfortunately the conditions were not exactly encouraging with the temperature still quite high and a gusty east south easterly wind that strengthened over the evening.

Further impacting on times new rider Des Shearer took a wrong turn doing a few extra kilometres on the first lap while both Gary Hastie and Chris Howard took tumbles on the turn back onto Recreation Drive.  It was good to see Gary get through the two laps without cramping however as it was certainly testing conditions and Chris Howard’s time of 29.10 including the fall and without tri bars was a great effort.

Triathlete Anthony Marinovich was having his first go at the club time trials and completed the two laps in 34.51, a time he will no doubt improve significantly on next time.  Steve Camarri was keeping such a good eye on his main competition Mark Thomas that he knew exactly how many seconds Mark had beaten him by.  Both were well off their previous best times despite the friendly competition.

The super keen Vern also missed out on a personal best although 27.04 was very respectable in the conditions as was Rob Humphries and Tony Doherty’s efforts in both recording 27.16.

Everyone was very surprised to see Rick Cresswell front up with newly fitted tri bars and although it is a few years since he did a time trial his time of 28.14 was also pretty good in the tough conditions.

Brent Allen is always consistent and can be happy with his 27.26, likewise for Iain Ferry who knocked out a 26.12.

Good to see Peel’s Dave Berglund having a ride with the club and a strong masters rider, it was no surprise that he recorded 26.14.

Denny Teede is certainly hitting form and was unbothered by the conditions as he motored to a time of 24.45.  The tandem pairing of Mick and Darren matched Denny’s first lap but did not have Phar Lap’s endurance finishing a minute down on his time.

Poor Nicholas Lawler was just coming down the home straight to complete lap one when the strongest gust of wind for the evening hit him full on pushing him sideways and dropping his speed down to 30kph.  In the end Nicholas posted 25.26 just in front of Bernie who recorded 25.53.

Alistair and Bryce both managed to get under the 25 minute mark while the fastest time for the night was once again Connor Lambert who was just under the 24 minutes.

In the one lap event, Isabella found the going tough but obviously wore Robbie out enough that he had trouble keeping up with Josh who posted an impressive 13.55.  Jessica did a great job chaperoning Harrison who posted 15.12 while Lowan resplendent in his new skin suit equalled his previous time of 15.33.

Courtland Wood rode well to post 14.28 quite comfortably and provided a rabbit for Mian to chase and catch right on the line recording 13.28.

Many thanks to Robbie for taking the drinks out, Suzanne for timekeeping, Brian for starting and Kevin for marshalling.  The next TT will be in Bsn on 10/2.