The South West Cycle Club (formerly Bunbury Cycle Club est. 1988) aims to promote and encourage cycling on all levels throughout the South West of Western Australia. Belonging to the club provides the opportunity to ride with and also to socialise with other club members and we conduct a range of activities aimed at supporting our members to become better cyclists. Click here to access our current constitution SOUTHWEST CYCLE CLUB CONSTITUTION.

Click here to access our SWCC Volunteer Management Plan V3 and draft SWCC5 Year Strategic Plan draft 2014

We exist….

‘To meet the needs of our members and to provide opportunity for cyclists to connect and to develop through various club initiatives and activities’ Click here for a list of our club values – SWCC Values See our attached the minutes of the AGM 2015 Minutes and 2015 President’s Report and the audited accounts 2014 and endorsed Financial Delegations . Our annual club goals are set each year and we are affiliated with Cycling Australia and are one of the largest road cycling clubs in WA.

What we want to achieve in next 1-2 years

  • Develop a strong sense of club instilling SWCC values into all activities
  • Structure an effective and accountable committee
  • Increase club profile, membership, participation and revenue by at least 20%
  • Establish and maintain a close and effective working relationship with CWA and like minded clubs
  • Implement a successful development pathway for juniors, novices and other sub-groups
  • Work towards excellence in promoting and conducting events
  • Establish a strong sense of SWCC camaraderie across SW whilst still encouraging local ‘chapters or teams’ to develop and have own identity

Click here to access a copy of our 2013-14 Operational Plan. We also developed a Facility Plan plan last year. We conducted a member survey in 2012 and received a lot of positive feedback and constructive ideas which we collated into a SWCC Action Plan. These items link in to the relevant sections of the Operational Plan and the committee have endeavoured to implement these suggestions as can be seen in the review column. We have an action packed year and welcome all levels of cyclist to take part in our:

  • Group rides
  • Novice Development Series
  • Skills sessions
  • Monthly Long rides
  • Criterium races (during the summer month)
  • Club Road Events
  • Time Trials
  • State Races and Participation Events

See our Calendar page for the most recent calendar of races and events, and our events page for the most recent event updates and route maps.