With the date for the club champs pushed back a bit by the Cristal Series and ToMR, it was always likely to be fairly warm conditions but fortunately not as hot as Saturday with some breeze around to cool it down and mostly keep the flies at bay.

First group on the road were those who did not wish to race, but just complete a lap of the valley and with around 14 nominating for the participation event, it was always going to be the biggest bunch.  Good to see Bruce come down from Collie for a ride and good representation from the Loose Wheels with Felicity, Lucinda and Sandi all riding.  We haven’t seen Geoff DeChaneet for a while and great to see him out again.  Unfortunately for Laurie who was having his first ride in an event with the club, he did not get too far before one of his cranks came loose and he had to flag down a lift home.

Keen to get underway before it got too warm, this group headed off just before 9am and as luck would have it of course, John was a last minute arrival and missed the bunch meaning he had to start with the juniors.  Heading up the hill instead of turning left at the Y, he was able to join up with Lucinda and ride in with her after husband John had left her to fend for herself.

We decided to split the racing contingent up into age groupings with a small group of ‘under 40’s, 40-50’s and over 50’s.

Connor Lambert from 225 Racing joined Nicholas Lawler, Bryce Lanigan and Ben Hastie in the under 40’s group that was first away.  Unfortunately after changing his chain during the week, Nicholas continued to have some gear issues and promptly dropped his chain on the start line.  He was not confident getting out of the saddle and it was lucky for him that Bryce who is coming off a short break didn’t put in too many attacks on the climbs.

Ben Hastie has some good form after ToMR but was not able to stay with the other three who came to the line together with Nicholas leading out the sprint staying in his saddle.  In the run to the line Connor had too much power and was first across the line in front of Bryce Lanigan who claimed the Open Club Champs title topping off what has been a fantastic year for him.

Mick Darlington broke away from the Masters bunch in the run to the line and finished well in front claiming the 40-50 years Club Champs from Andrew McGruddy with Rick Cresswell making it onto the podium in third place in front of Chris Howard.

Brent Allan sprinted strongly as always to be second rider across the line in the masters chase bunch and first of the over 50’s home ahead of Ian Kugler, Michael Morton, Kevin Keally, Vern and Mark Thomas.

The junior event was a very competitive affair with Isabella setting off with a 5 minute head start.  She was caught just before the turnaround by the front group of boys including Josh Commons, Courtland Wood and Harrison Lawler.  These three had put a spurt in up the Carlaminda climb leaving their two chaperones in their wake and Lowan chasing just off the back.

When Lowan went past her, Isabella did not need much encouragement to bridge back up and attack him.  Lowan worked back to her again however and the two then worked well together until the final home straight when Lowan attacked again and looked like he was riding away.  Isabella never gave up and chased him all the way to the line finishing only around 10 metres back and showing plenty of guts and determination.

Out in front it was Josh Commons who showed he has his father’s sprinting ability when he led home Courtland and Harrison in the run to the line.

Many thanks to Andrew Lanigan, Adrian Wood and Robbie for chaperoning the kids, it was great racing out on the road by all of the juniors.

Thanks to Brian for marshalling at the Y and assisting to turn the kids and to Suzanne for running the event.

Afterwards we headed back to the Ferguson Falls Winery Café for warm straight out of the over Caramel Pecan Cinnamon Scrolls and coffee.  Great hospitality as always by Tim and Laura finished off an excellent morning.



  1. Connor Lambert (225 Racing)
  2. Bryce Lanigan (Club Champion)
  3. Nicholas Lawler
  4. Ben Hastie

40-50 Years

  1. Michael Darlington
  2. Andrew McGruddy
  3. Rick Cresswell
  4. Chris Howard

50+ Years

  1. Brent Allan
  2. Ian Kugler
  3. Michael Morton
  4. Kevin Keally
  5. Vern Merchant
  6. Mark Thomas

Under 15 Boys

  1. Josh Commons
  2. Courtland Wood
  3. Harrison Lawler
  4. Lowan Ferry

Under 13 Girls

  1. Isabella Commons